Risen: Angela Hunt

Angela Hunt is one of my very favorite authors, so I was excited to read her novel adaptation of the movie Risen. Her books paint such vivid pictures of time periods throughout history, and this book does the same with the onset of the New Testament era.

I love a great story that allows me to use my imagination to envision the way an event played out. This is especially why I love Angela Hunt’s ability to weave factual stories with a creative fluidity and grace. She has given me a clearer picture in my mind of the events surrounding the Resurrection of Jesus. But she’s also given me much to think about in relation to my own journey to belief in the resurrection.

I particularly love the premise of looking at this event through the eyes of a Roman Tribune. Who else would have searched so incredibly hard for the resurrection to not be true than one who had to answer to Rome for anything less than the found body of Jesus? There is beauty and truth in each of our journeys to faith in the Lord, and I think that’s what resonates with me the most in this book. By walking with another through his own journey, my journey of faith has been strengthened in intangible ways.

While this isn’t my favorite Angela Hunt book, it is one I will keep to read again down the road. I look forward to seeing the movie and allowing the art of film to help me view this story in another compelling perspective. It’s worth your time to give it a go; grab your copy now!

*Honest review given as participant in blogger review program.

Author: lolamak

i am me. i love jesus, adore my kids, deeply admire my husband, and i really like to laugh. sometimes i forget all of these things, but the rediscovery is almost as fun as that first moment of realization!

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