Where She Belongs: Johnnie Alexander

Where She Belongs is my first introduction to Johnnie Alexander. I absolutely love it when I pick up a new book by a new author and fall in love from page one.

The plot has a fun shape, with parallel themes of restoration happening for both Shelby and AJ, the main characters. As they find their way through preconceived notions of each other based on their families’ past interactions, they also draw in other sub characters who face their own tainted histories that need the hand of God to renew and restore. And along the way, we get a little suspense as past issues resurface regarding Shelby and her old family home.

All in all, it’s a great read, and I love finding spiritual themes woven throughout that aren’t entirely overt. Definitely recommend. Get your copy here.

*Honest review given as participant in blogger review program.

Author: lolamak

i am me. i love jesus, adore my kids, deeply admire my husband, and i really like to laugh. sometimes i forget all of these things, but the rediscovery is almost as fun as that first moment of realization!

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