A Stolen Heart

51-nnhtl54l-_sx322_bo1204203200_A Stolen Heart is book one of Amanda Cabot’s newest series, the Cimarron Creek Trilogy. Featuring the lovely state of Texas in the late 1800s, it opens the door to a whole town of people we’ll enjoy for at least two more books.

I seem to be binge-reading books about strong women. Or maybe I’m drawn to all these inspirational fiction books because they feature stories of strength and redemption for women who could let life walk all over them or rise to the occasion and follow their dreams.

That’s one thing I love about this story. Lydia Crawford is faced with life’s unexpected twists – those that can devastate and those that breathe redemption. She of course doesn’t face them alone – life is much better when there’s a handsome sheriff along for the ride – but I find her inspirational. And I think we all deserve a little reminder that we’re stronger than we think.

So get the book, grab a cup of coffee, and curl up for an enjoyable journey that will strengthen your soul and encourage you to make the most of life.


Author: lolamak

i am me. i love jesus, adore my kids, deeply admire my husband, and i really like to laugh. sometimes i forget all of these things, but the rediscovery is almost as fun as that first moment of realization!

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