Like the wardrobe in Narnia, every time I pass through the doors of a book, I’m transported to another world.

There’s something magical about the journey through the written word. Maybe it’s the way it engulfs your imagination and takes over your senses and allows you to live an entirely “other” story than your own. Or the way it takes the words out of your own heart or struggle and lays them out plainly for you to meet like an old friend who just “gets” you. Or it might be the freedom and respite from your own daily reality that gives you the energy and freshness to step back into real life and be a better version of yourself.

Whatever form it takes, It’s a gift, really, this art of book-writing. And it’s a privilege, this art of book-reading. I’m enthralled by both, and I hope my thoughts allow you to meet new book friends as you travel your own journey through the written word.