Love Everlasting: Tracie Peterson

Love Everlasting, #3 in Tracie Peterson’s “Brides of Seattle” series, is a sweet commentary on friendship and love.

From the start, we’re drawn into the life of Abrianna, a young woman raised up through the bridal school by three loving, yet somewhat comical, women. For all the prim and properness of the school, Abrianna has bucked the system and seemingly turned out just fine. That is, until she wonders if friendship really should be the basis of a solid marriage.

By questioning what’s truly important for a man and woman, as well as facing the antithesis of everything she desires, Abrianna leads the reader in asking and reaffirming personal relationship values and beliefs and agreeing that yes, indeed, there can be love everlasting.

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In Good Company: Jen Turano

With a lighthearted, humorous writing style, Jen Turano has provided another whimsical read for the inspirational fiction lover with In Good Company.

While fairly predictable, the storyline was both fun and engaging. Her novel has undertones from other familiar classics with a modern twist … Amelia Bedelia’s crazy, mixed-up words show up in Millie’s vocabulary; Millie’s love for kids and magical nanny-ness, along with Everett’s misplaced affections for Caroline and growing adoration for Millie, offer hints of The Sound of Music; and the timeless struggle between social classes, so prominent in Jane Austen’s works, find life again in the path Millie and Everett follow to love.

Overall, a delightful read, and I look forward to Jen’s next book. Grab your copy here!

*Honest review given as participant in blogger review program.